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My practice always meet and adopt the group, very connected to the principles of Quantum Yoga and Ayurveda. Main focus is on breath and alignment, using pranayama and meditation. I always encourage my students to connect and embrace their own body's abilities and unique possibilities and remain playful in order to find joy in the practice. 

I work mostly on a private one-to-one basis or groups of 2-4 


What is movement therary?

Everything in a cellular level is movement and vibration.

Movement is life, there is always movement even within the stillness. 

Movement is also and expression of soul. 

Movement therapy will help you to develop self-awareness as well as to overcome

any psychological imbalances and/or  neurological disorders. 

It emphasize understanding of yourself and others, personal growth and expression 

strengthening the mind body connection. 

I combine practices from Alexander Technique,  Lecoq method, breathing exercises

to assist students towards a deeper understanding of their physical and emotional state. 

During a session you might find yourself on the floor, walking, moving or sitting,

depending your needs. Movement therapy works the entire body from head to toe,

in order to find the root of the imbalance. 

Always remember, in order to allow our body to begin its' healing process, we need 

to identify and release its' blockages. 




The body knows things about which the mind is ignorant

Jacques Lecoq



Nothing is more revealing than movement
Martha Graham 

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