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When you learn, teach. When you get, give.

Maya Angelou

''I was really looking to this experience and it didn't disappoint me. Right after my massage I felt calm, relaxed and more peaceful. Thanks for your hands and your smile Xenia. Looking forward to the next one!'' Raffaela

''I feel so relaxed! It was a great experience and I felt so connected with my body and mind . Oils are great, will definitely use them!'' Susana

''Thank you! I have just experienced my first Ayurvedic Massage and felt refreshed, glowing and calm. Fascinated to learn more! Will definitely booked another one soon! ' Nicola

''Blissfully balanced!'' Helen

''So relaxing, mentally, physically. So beneficial, thank you so much, I will be back time and time again!'' Courtney

''Wonderful massage. I felt very looked after and relaxed'' Chloe

''That was the most relaxing and comfortable hour I've had in a long time! I will definitely come back for more, thank you!''  Lisa

''I arrived tired and a bit stressed but had such an amazing treatment. Very relaxing and energizing, highly recommended!'' Edouardo

''It was so beneficial for me, the whole concept makes so much sense. I will follow it for life and definitely start using Ayurvedic oils!'' Sylvia

''An unexpected delight!'' Angela

''The single most fabulous massage ever! Not only physically but mentally too. Wow, thank you! '' Julia

'' Such a loving calming experience, I feel alive again. Thank you for showing me such kindness and understanding. I felt at peace. Will definitely come back! Loved the oils!'' Rachael

''This was amazing!  I feel so much better, not only my shoulders but I also feel relaxed and happy! Hooray! Thank you so much, I will come back again!'' Daisy

''I feel a lot more aware of my mind and body. I will apply this to my life from now on. Thank you very much, will come back soon!'' Tom

''Xenia is completely present and open. She has such a supportive practice. She clearly knows her stuff. I felt nourishes and looked after. Thank you so much!'' Martina

''Τhank you Xenia. Your massage was so incredibly relaxing and rebalancing. I feel grounded again. I look forward to seeing you again soon!'' Dalia

'' Such a luxurious, healing and calming treatment! Thank you Xenia. Oils are just fantastic!'' Sophie

'' Very intuitive touch, found the tension and shook it off. Feeling very relaxed yet rejuvenated with the amazing oils! Fully recommend!''  Emma

''Wow! I feel taller and lighter! Will definitely come back. Truly amazing, highly recommended! '' George

''The treatment has placed me in a perfect equilibrium between being alert and relaxed. I loved the oils too! Thank you so much, will come back for sure!'' Julia


'Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible'

Dalai Lama

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