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Where can I find you

I am based in Thessaloniki, Greece and travelling to London. U.K.  frequently. 

Please contact me for bookings and further details. 

If you are based in London and U.K. contact  Thania Tympanari Ayurvedic Consultant, Yoga Teacher. 


What to expect from the treatment? 

You will be covered with towels throughout the treatment and only the parts

being massaged will be exposed, ensuring you feel warm and secure.

A gentle application of warm oil will be followed though out the treatment.

Ayurvedic oils need a little time to penetrate, so it is fine to stay with the oil.

There are certain medical conditions which may require your doctor's permission

before a treatment can take place, i.e. very high blood pressure, heart conditions,

epilepsy, thrombosis, cancer, however this can be discussed during the consultation.            


As you  may feel very relaxed after the massage treatment, it would better not  to plan

any activities following the treatment, in order to keep the calmness of the body and mind.


An Ayurvedic massage treatment is a unique experience, as it combines therapeutic oils,

pressure in vital points in the body and treatments according to your body needs.


Ayurvedic massage is most beneficial when combined with a complete

Ayurvedic lifestyle and is most complimentary when added to a conscious choice

and pathway to greater health, and vitality in your life.


What we know matters but who we are matters more.

Brené Brown

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